We took a boat down the Irrawaddy river from Mandalay to Bagan.

In Bagan, there are about 3,000 temples in 42 km2 - only Angkor in Cambodia can rival this gorgious place. We rented bikes and discovered many of the temples.

Some are very old, small and dark, but these ones have the best frescos, that one can only see with strong torch. The newer ones are bigger, lighter, pyramid-like, and some can be climbed onto.

One of these tall ones is the favorite for sunset, we were there with tons of other tourists, but it was not that bad - I had a great spot, so could take fantastic photos. It was quite scary afterwards to bike home in the dark as neither the streets, nor the bikes had lights, but we all survived.

Next day was free, I biked some more, walked around the market, used the internet (which worked with power generator that I also had to pay for) and had a fantastic Indian dinner.

In the evening I biked to the riverside to see the sunset, but took only one sunset shot as the kids enjoyed my camera so much. For their pleasure, I used the little digital one - they were laughing and screaming loud, when they saw their photos and demanded more and more pictures taken. They did all the poses I asked for, so I don't know who enjoyed the evening more, them or me. We all had a great time.

We organized a group dinner for our own, like all other nights. This is quite unique - in other group tours, people do not hang out together on free days, but this group is very good: both as individuals (I do not have to worry, who I sit next to, because I can chat with anyone) and also as a group (as we organize our own things and absolutely everyone gets on well with the others). The tour-guide is also great, a sweet, cute 24 old year old, I decided to kidnap him and take home as my little brother. In New Zealand, I also loved my tour-guide a few years ago and adopted him as uncle. Maybe one day I meet someone my age that I can adopt as husband. But only for fun, not for real:-))).

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