It is usual that one does not want to return home - but it is especially true so if there is 50 degrees colder at home than at vacation. Right now I cannot even imagine the minus 17 degrees I read about Hungarian weather. I hope my parents will bring some warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf for me to the airport since I have just a fleece and a very thing raincoat.
We took a night train from Mysore to Chennai, which was OK, we had a four-bed sleeper. We then immediately switched to a bus and drove to the Bengal Bay, to Mammalapuram, to finish the holiday with a well deserved chill out at the beach. I had the feeling, we simply arrived to Paradise. This corner of the paradise is called Ideal Beach Resort and one of the best places I have ever stayed. Lovely coast with palm trees, nice little houses in a shady park. My room had a great terrace with sundeck and also a terrace at the back (with walls around but open roof) where the bathtub and the shower was located, so I could take showers naked at open-air. Wow.

The city itself, about 3.5 km from the resort, has gorgeous rock temples from the 7th century with carvings and nice restaurants at the shore with seafood. So it was all near perfection, apart from my temperature, which just climbed higher and higher. It was strange that I had no any other symptoms, no cold, no problem with stomach, just increasing fever. I could hardly walk, so stayed in bed in my room, next to the pool or sometimes swapped to hammock by the sea. Well, if I had to be sick on this trip, this was the best place for it. I just took it easy and read my books.


The newspapers were full with the fuel shortage in the country, so we had some hopes that the flights would be cancelled and we have to stay an extra week covered by Explore - but this remained a dream.

Luckily by the last day, I got much better, so I could fully enjoy the ocean and all other facilities, like the ayurvedic massage. It is done with plenty of oil, so it was a bit awkward first, but I got used to it.

All in all, it was a very pleasant trip with a nice group, but with more comfort as the usual Explore holidays. We spent relatively more time on bus, train and boat and did very little walking. This is a kind of trip I can do in my 60s or 70s, so this year I will try to do something more active. Maybe Borneo - there are two peaks there to climb. Or some camping trip. But when I get older,  I will return to this country because there is still plenty to see...

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