I flew into Hong Kong via Frankfurt, where I had two days on my own before I met the usual Explore group.

I was really-really impressed by the city - so much more modern than I ever expected. I spent the first day by taking a boat to Macao - there are some places in the world that one must visit just because their name sound so fascinating - like Montevideo, Timbuktu or Macao. And it did not disappoint me with its old Portuguese colonial charm.

The second day I hopped on another boat to Landau island to see the world's largest, bronze, outdoor, sitting Buddha. It was nice, but my fresh seafood lunch by the water was even nicer. I then visited another Guinness-thing, the world's longest escalator, which is 800 meters long and climbs through different neighborhoods of the city. It is quite fun just to stand and see the different moods of the different parts of town. I then took a lovely old tram to Victoria peak to take the obligatory night-shots at twilight. I saw quite a few big cities at nighttime, but Hong Kong is quite impressive. I finished the evening by the river to see a laser-show. I have never enjoyed such a cheesy thing so much - 13 minutes of music accompanied by laser and light show, in which 30 buildings participate on both sides of the water.

I wish I had more time, more space in my backpack and more money – Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. I really had to exercise self-control as I still have a month ahead of me to carry my bags.

Then the group arrived and it was quite disappointing to see them. Although at least we have exactly the same amount of male and female, but no one seems to be particularly interesting, so I think I will spend as much time alone as I can. Although the situation can improve - I am always shocked on the first day, but make friends later, so who knows. Mr. Right is surely not in the group (all single male travelers are either pensioners or teenagers) but I do not have to worry about that because this morning I went to a fortune teller, who told me very firmly that I meet Mr. Right next year and will get married to him before I turn 45. So if you know about any eligible men, send them to me quickly, because it is only next year when anyone has any chance to tame a "fire-horse" (that's me).

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